The iScope is a patent pending Smartphone scope adapter which allows you to attach your Smartphone directly to the eye piece of your scope.​

No more squinting with one eye! Using the iScope you can now hunt with both eyes open. With the iScope you see a full screen view of what you would normally see through your scope by using your Smartphone’s camera. This full screen view allows for easier, safer shooting, better accuracy and the option of filming your hunt from the eye of the shooter. The iScope fits over 95% of scopes that are sold on the market today. The iScope attaches onto your scope's eye piece and will fit up to a 48mm eye piece. ​

The iScope is great for deer rifles, shotguns, pistols, crossbows, spotting scopes, Airsoft & BB guns. Really anything with a scope! Thanks to the iScope you will no longer have to wait to get home to see your latest adventure. You can now use your Smartphone to aim, shoot and film your hunts. With the ability to view and share your footage filmed right from your Smartphone it is like social media live in the woods!

The iScope is great for...The average hunter who wants a competitive edge while being able to film their hunt. Youth hunters who like that video game experience while actually hunting. Handicap hunters who have difficulty using a scope.

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